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Sites and Audits




Envirospec, Inc. offers Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I and II) and Facility Audits that focus on the specific needs for transactions or land utilization. Adhering to ASTM Standard E-1527-00, unless otherwise specified by the client, all assessments and Audits will typically include:

Historical review of property usage, development and improvements;

  • Review applicable building, zoning, and environmental or other department's records for information relative to the subject site and/or neighboring sites;

  • Review of the records and files of State, regional, and local Boards or Agencies (Health, Solid Waste, Water Quality, Air Quality, etc.) whose actions may affect the subject property and neighboring properties;

  • Investigation of the subject property and neighboring properties relative to the Environmental Protection Agency's National Priority List (NPL), Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Information System (CERCUS) list and associated federal environmental database lists. State environmental regulatory database lists are also accessed for records pertaining to the subject site or neighboring sites;

  • Visual site inspection noting all improvements with particular attention to the use of hazardous materials within structures or operating equipment;

  • Review of historical aerial photographs to determine the property's use, mis-use, development and/or condition over the available years;

  • Interviews with available neighbors to determine prior uses of the subject property (if appropriate and only if deemed acceptable by the parties involved in the transaction). Client's confidentiality always recognized;

  • Determination of past ownership of the subject property via Chain-of- Title.

  • Additional services include: non qualifying visual inspection of the building (s) to determine the potential for asbestos-containing materials (ACM) and/or lead containing paint; non qualifying inspection of property for wetlands; and sample acquisition for lead in paint and drinking water, radon, ACM.


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